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Art Campos


Owner and Co-Founder Art Campos Jr. has been CrossFitting for seven years. He’s studied martial arts for 20 years and discovered CrossFit on his third combat rotation in Afghanistan with his Fire Team Leader. ``We used to do workouts in the middle of the day, and our platform was a baggage pallet,`` he says. ``I loved every minute of it, and the rest is history.

Art joined the military at 18 years old and served 10 years in 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment in every capacity from Rifleman to Weapons Squad Leader to Sniper Section Leader. He accumulated over 40 months in combat across 10 deployments in support of the Global War on Terrorism. He is currently transitioning from active duty military to firefighter.

I love cars, guns, and my pups Daisy and Dmitri (named after Klokov of course),`` he says. ``If you know me, and we aren't lifting something heavy, we are planning on shooting or working on cars until the sun goes down.


CrossFit Level 1
USA Powerlifting Certified Club Coach
1st Degree Black Belt Kum Saja Do

Francesca Campos

Co-Founder / Coach

Co-Founder and Coach Francesca Campos specializes in powerlifting and nutrition. She has received her Master’s degree in Applied Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Nutrition. ``I love helping others learn about powerlifting and helping them dial in their nutrition to achieve their goals,`` she says.

Her athletic background focuses heavily on powerlifting. She’s competed in multiple powerlifting competitions, and as of January 2018, she is a certified State Referee with USAPL.

Francesca is a full-time Registered Nurse. Her biggest love is traveling. She’s been to seven countries not including the U.S. and is fluent in Italian and English. Francesca and her husband, Art, are high school sweethearts.

Her favorite quote is ``Someone once told me not to bite off more than I can chew. I told them I'd rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.``


USA Powerlifting Certified Club Coach
USA Powerlifting State Referee
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN)

Beth Scott


Manager Beth Scott is passionate about service. ``I believe that my job is to support our owners and their vision for the gym, to support our coaches so they can focus on providing the best experience possible for our members, and to support our members on their fitness journey in any way that I can,`` she says.

Beth is almost always a new member’s first point of contact at the gym, and she does so much more than answer questions and fill out paperwork. ``I am interested in how they do on their workouts, if they PR'd a lift, if they are having success on their nutrition plan, etc.`` she says. ``I want our members to know that we value them as individuals and we care about their goals.``

Her favorite quote is ``There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.`` - Marianne Williamson

Susie Arbore


Coach Susie Arbore has been CrossFitting for five years and has been an athlete most of her life. She suffered a traumatic knee injury at age 18 that changed her life dramatically. After surgery, she endured 12 months of difficult rehab and a hiatus from competitive sports. In 2012, she found CrossFit, and it changed her life.

Since then, Susie has competed in 3 CrossFit Opens and qualified in 2 World Master’s Championships, 2 Master’s Nationals, and 2 Master’s American Open competitions. She placed first in the 2016 Washington Master’s Starting Strength Challenge.

Susie’s background in education, both as a middle school science teacher and an adult educator for the medical industry, led her to coaching CrossFit. ``It has been a wonderful fit for me, and I love every minute of it,`` she says.


CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
USA Weightlifting L2 Advanced Performance Coach
CrossFit Gymnastics
TriggerPoint Foam Rolling Principles and Practices Certificate

Jon Skelton


Coach Jon Skelton has been CrossFitting for five years and specializes in the psychology of performance. ``Every athlete has their own set of goals and motivations that drive them to perform,`` he says. ``These triggers are as different as the people who pursue them. I specialize in assisting athletes in taking a measured, holistic approach to reaching and surpassing these goals by focusing on the journey, not the destination.``

Jon considers himself a tactical athlete after having spent 20+ years in the U.S. Army. He’s also competed in numerous CrossFit competitions, Spartan races and has a multi-sport background. He was recruited by the University of Texas to play basketball and by the Citadel to run cross country, but ``my calling to serve in the Army took priority over those opportunities,`` he says.

When Jon isn’t coaching, he makes every effort to live up to the idea that the Earth is an amusement park. ``I try and get out there and use my fitness to enjoy life and sports and constantly search for the next big adventure,`` he says.


CrossFit Level 1
US Army Master Fitness Trainer
Modern Army Combatives Program L3 Instructor

Heidi Dawson


Coach Heidi Dawson has been CrossFitting for more than three years, and she is a ``tad passionate about life,`` she says. ``That is kind of an important thing to be passionate about. You only get one!``

She played varsity basketball for all four years of high school in various positions. ``Even at 5’5``, I am a force to be reckoned with,`` she says. She also played volleyball, softball, and ran track. After graduation, she joined the Air Force, and her athleticism transitioned to preparing herself for physical fitness tests, which she always scored 90% and above!

When Heidi isn’t coaching CrossFit, she has an overly full schedule that requires quite a bit of balance, ``but I make it work because I enjoy every aspect of what I do on the daily,`` she says. Heidi is a full-time elementary school para-educator who works with autistic kids, coaches her children’s sports teams, and hangs out with her husband and two kids. She plans to go back to school for her Master’s sometime soon. ``Sometimes I need to eat, drink, and get sleep, too.``


CrossFit Level 1
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
American Council on Exercise Health Coach
OPEX Program Design Course

Katie Bredeson


Coach Katie Bredeson has been CrossFitting for an impressive eight years and specializes in TRX. Katie was ``small and sickly`` as a child, so she didn’t get into fitness until she was an adult. Her doctor recommended that she try exercise as a way to battle her anxiety, so she tried CrossFit. ``It helped tremendously,`` she says. ``Once I had a few years of training under my belt, I wanted to be to other people what my past CrossFit coaches were to me - to help them get back into to shape or try something they have never done before.``

Her favorite part of coaching is helping people do things they never thought they could do. ``I enjoy the friendships and bonds I make with people even though I mostly make them do things they don't want to do,`` she says.

When Katie isn’t in the gym, she’s hanging out with her two rambunctious boys. If they’re really feeling spunky, they might make a trip to Costco, go hiking, or enjoy a baseball game or BMX race.


CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Gymnastics
TRX Certified

Robin Reynolds


Coach Robin Reynolds has been CrossFitting for an astounding 10 years and specializes in kickboxing and Muay Thai. She was a competitive runner for more than 13 years and has more than 15 years’ experience in martial arts, weightlifting and nutrition. She once made the cover of NW Fitness magazine.

Robin was introduced to CrossFit by a gymnast friend and has been hooked ever since. ``I wanted to learn every aspect before training others, and I wanted to compete before I could coach others to do so,`` she says. ``I’m passionate about health and fitness in the way of aiding to a better version of life!``

Her favorite quote is ``love it or leave it.`` ``It's been a deciding factor in all of my life decisions,`` she says. ``Don't like the situation you are in? Change it. Don't like how you feel at the end of the day? What can you do about it? If you go into every decision thinking this way, you will make the right choices for yourself and not what others want for you! One life, folks!``


Kickboxing Instructor Certification
Muay Thai Level 1 and 2
CrossFit Level 1 Certification

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