Get to know Kristy:

Most everyone that has been to Iron Legacy Fitness has met our February member of the month Kristy June. She is a positive light that is always around encouraging and supporting our members. Kristy has a passion and drive for Crossfit that many strive for and does not let anything slow her down!

How long have you been doing Crossfit?

I have been doing Crossfit for almost 5 years.

Why did you start/ why do you continue to do Crossfit?

When I first started Crossfit, I was in the middle of a journey to become healthier and lose weight and I was bored with the “regular” gym and decided to give Crossfit a try. I knew I was hooked after my very first class. I continue to do Crossfit now because I love absolutely everything about it – the benefits (physical, emotional and mental), the awesomely supportive community we have and because it teaches me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined.

What do you do as a career?

I’ve worn many hats but currently I work in IT.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Missouri but I’ve lived in Washington for the past 11 years and I am in love with the amazing wonderland that is the Pacific Northwest.

What hobbies do you enjoy doing outside of the gym?

I love hiking and also enjoy trail running and biking. On the flip-side of that, I enjoy working with computers, video games and I’m a huge science fiction fan.

What are your gym related goals?

I have so many! Currently I’m working towards strict pull-ups and I’d like hit 150lbs on my bench press.

What are some accomplishments that you are proud of?

So many things!
– Learning how to do a handstand (because I was convinced humans were not meant to be upside down) for the first time. Now I’m practicing how to handstand walk!
– When I finally learned how to do double-unders after practicing for months.
– When I ran my first half marathon.
– Trying new things and learning to conquer old fears like participating in my first Olympic Weightlifting meet when I was absolutely terrified of being on the platform in front of a bunch of watchful eyes.
– Every time I add more weight to the bar (even if it’s only a pound!) and I’m able to do what I couldn’t do the last time I tried.

What Coaches think about Kristy:

“I love Kristy. She is one of my most favorite people. She always has a positive attitude and is one of the hardest workers I know. She is fiercely loyal to our community and is always willing to step in and help.” -Susie Arbore

 “She gives it her all no matter what, if she’s lifting heavy or running or whatever we throw at her. You can guarantee she’s going to give it her all AND with a positive attitude.” -Katie Bredeson

 “I love the energy that she brings! She’s dedicated, hilarious, and is always so helpful if anyone needs anything during or after class. Crossfit is SO MUCH about supporting community and she fits that to a T.” -Michelle Cordsen