We believe health and wellness goes beyond just getting a good workout. Hooligan CrossFit has built relationships with several talented local treatment providers. Whether you are looking for physical therapy, massage therapy or nutrition services, we can direct you to several different options.

We are excited to announce our partnership with The Path Physical Therapy! They specialize in treating athletes and are CrossFitters themselves.

As a Hooligan member, you receive benefits for treatment, as well! Contact them here for a free phone consultation and get 50% off your first appointment.

Your future payments might be eligible for reimbursement through HSA/FSA funds. CrossFit is medicine and can often count for tax-free spending – saving an average of 30%. This can include gym dues, personal training, nutrition coaching, and supplements.

We’re now working with TrueMed – a company devoted to driving HSA/FSA spending to products that are scientifically proven to improve metabolic health (like CrossFit).

TrueMed will handle all the intricacies of using your HSA/FSA funds on your behalf, making the entire checkout process seamless and hassle-free. Qualify here

Our nutrition coaches will meet with you to create a personalized nutrition plan, then partner with you for as long as you need support. Whether you’re looking to improve overall health, weight loss or eating for performance, we can help!

“Nutrition plays a critical role in your fitness. Proper nutrition can amplify or diminish the effect of your training efforts.” (CrossFit Journal, 2002)

Authorized Retailer For: 

High-quality rest is as vital to your fitness as training and nutrition. To get the benefits from your workouts, your body needs to repair and rebuild while you sleep. PM Recovery Collagen gives your body nutrients and amino acids to fuel your active sleep processes. With no melatonin or sedatives, it’s non-habit forming and won’t mess with your hormones or metabolism. Follow this link for 25% off your first order or pick up a discounted bag in our retail store.

1st Phorm International is the premier supplement line in the industry. By the time their products are ready for sale, they’ve been tasted and tested hundreds of times for flavor, consistency and most importantly, RESULTS. Know that 1st Phorm offers the highest quality supplement you’ll ever put in your body. Never settle. Find a wide variety of their products in our retail store, or request a custom order and save on shipping.

O2 – HYDRATE LIKE YOU MEAN IT. Meet the best-tasting, non-carbonated sports drink on Earth. 550mg electrolytes, non-GMO, vegan, and only 1g sugar. Unbeatable flavor, superior science-backed performance, and a true commitment to Mother Earth as 100% carbon neutral. Faster recovery & faster hydration. Shop all four flavors in our retail store, caffeine optional.

FitAid recovery and energy drinks use a unique blend of herbs, vitamins, and nutrients that support and boost your health and fitness journey. All of their clean ingredients work together to enhance your lifestyle and supplement your diet. Amino acids, natural sweeteners, clean caffeine and electrolytes are combined to optimize your recovery for just 15 calories. We carry a variety of flavors of FitAid Recovery, FitAid Rx and FitAid Energy in our retail store.

Made with either whey protein isolate or plant-based protein, and real fruit, Fuel For Fire is the perfect snack before, during, or after exercise. Their products are approved by the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association and used by thousands of athletes across the country. You’ll find multiple flavors, including vegan options, in our retail store.

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