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The classes we offer can meet the needs and goals of your entire family! From teens to master athletes, and everyone in between, we have a program that will challenge and grow your skills and confidence.



Based on the CrossFit prescription of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity,” our program combines training in strength, conditioning, mobility and mental stamina. Every WOD (workout of the day) is different, so your mind and body never get bored!  Each class includes a guided warm-up, skill/strength training and a workout. We scale each session to your individual fitness level, so you get the maximum training every time, meeting you wherever you are in the journey. CrossFit is truly available for everyone!



At Hooligan CrossFit, we don’t just focus on the hour you spend inside the gym. The 23 hours you spend outside the gym is where most people struggle to make progress toward their health and fitness goals. That is where our nutrition and accountability coaches can help.

We use a habit-based approach to nutrition that sets you up for success by working on one thing at a time.


Open Gym

Our Open Gym membership offers 24-hour access to the entire gym through the Hybrid AF network. This is the perfect option if you have your own programming and just need a fully-stocked home-gym-away-from home, or work a non-traditional schedule that keeps you from attending regular class times. You can access our workouts if you want to follow along on your own schedule. Not training CrossFit? We have what you need for bodybuilding, strength training, or competition prep. In addition to all the expected CrossFit class equipment, we also offer more individual use equipment such as a cable machine, pegboard, incline bench and combo rack. Want cardio? (Said no one ever…) We have Concept 2 rowers, Assault & Echo bikes, Bike ERGs, Ski ERGs, and Assault Runners. Stay tuned for some new dedicated Open Gym equipment arriving soon!


Fundamentals is a series of classes designed for those new to CrossFit. The sessions cover foundational movements and lifts of CrossFit, including work with kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells. The purpose of these classes is to introduce proper technique as the foundation of the fitness journey, as well as gain familiarity and confidence with a wide variety of movements, always with injury prevention in mind. Fundamentals is necessary for anyone new to CrossFit, and highly recommended for anyone wanting to brush up their skills along the way!



We offer staffed childcare as an additional membership option during select class times where your little one can safely play while you take the hour to put in the work! We limit capacity so your child will always have appropriate care and attention. Our childcare room is on the second-floor with a large window where your child can see you, and watch all the grown ups while we have our own play time…


Personal Training

If you have specific goals beyond the gains achieved in group classes alone, Hooligan CrossFit offers personal training to get you there! Your personal trainer will develop an exercise regimen suited specifically for you, centered around your unique goals, and will stick with you for every step.

Are you a personal trainer? Contact us about potentially using our space to train your clients!

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