At Iron Legacy Fitness we are so excited to be back.
After 12 weeks of closure it feels so good to see everyone again! We are so grateful to those that supported us during this time, and we’re so proud of our members for sticking with their fitness, whether through Facebook live, or staying active in other ways.


How are things different after COVID-19?
At ILF we are complying with phase 2 policies in many different ways. Things members will notice:

  • Employees wearing masks
  • All members are required to sign a COVID-19 Waiver upon entry
  • All members will get their temperatures checked and must be below 100.4 degrees
  • Only 5 members per class/trainer, each being set up 6 feet apart
  • Equipment sanitized by member that used it immediately following use
  • Members sanitizing hands immediately upon entering and following training
  • No children in the building during phase 2


Behind the scenes
Know that of all the protocols you’re witnessing much more is occurring that you may not see. We have started using a heavier duty cleaning solution that is COVID approved, and cleaning efforts are more frequent. Our staff at Iron Legacy is dedicated to making our return safe and long lasting.


Workouts may look or feel different
Although most of us kept up with our fitness, some did not have that luxury. Unfortunately, even if we kept up by tuning in daily to Facebook Live WODs, a lot of us also kept up with snacking/baking/eating more than normal. We ask that as you come back we all honor how our bodies feel. Do not be discouraged if weights feel heavier or runs feel worse than usual. (Do they ever feel good?) Most workouts on our initial return will not have RX weights written because we want you guys to succeed and feel good when you leave; rather than defeated.


Please come to us.
If there is anything we can do to make your experience at Iron Legacy more enjoyable. The staff’s goal is to make our members feel comfortable and accepted. We have open ears and hearts and cannot wait to support you with an easy transition back post COVID 19.