Bottom line. We miss working out with you all. There are several things you can do to get through this #ILFCoronaVacay. We are here to help!

Keep Reaching out!
There are many ways to stay in touch. The coaches are just as bored at home as you are, so communicate with us. We want to know what you guys need and how you feel. Is there a certain strength or weakness we can help you with while you have all this free time? Want more core strength but don’t know how to get it with a jug of milk and a bag of dog food? Our first class coaches at ILF may have some resources we can share to help! If you are not a social media guru and don’t follow us on the crew page, email: and we can help you out.

Also, if you just need someone to chat with we likely do too. If you miss talking to your workout partner or favorite ILF coach every day send them/us a quick shout. We all miss hearing Paul’s voice and a picture of Kristy’s cat may be what you need to get through this, reach out and we can make anything happen. ILF is a family and a community and we are here FOR YOU.

Keep Moving!
Our coaches have been doing a great job with Facebook live trying to make sure our members stay in shape during this difficult time. Please tune in everyday and workout with your coaches and workout peeps. We all are creatures of habit so we are trying our hardest to keep you all in a routine. It may be helpful to continue working out at your normal class time with familiar faces. Please let us know if you don’t use Facebook live and we can get a coach to Facetime/Skype you through a workout! Our members are going to be masters at body weight movements and jacked when this is all over 🙂

Keep a Positive Attitude!

This will end. We will all be back working out together soon. We have heat now, just in time for Spring. The floors are going to be cleaner than you have ever seen them. Toilet paper is abundant at ILF. Running WODs are just around the corner, with the sunshine and heat. Our first CrossFit competition Pup’s, Pints, & PR’s is going to be so much fun right along with along with Murph, our member BBQ, & more togetherness which is coming soon!!