Its 2020, let’s set some goals!

If you’re a member, you have already seen the blackboard intended for your fitness related 2020 goals, but we still have a lot of empty space on there! We know every one of you has a goal at Iron Legacy Fitness and we are here to help you reach them. Are you worried about being judged by your goals? Or once they are written down it’s the real deal? Crossfit is about coming together as a team and supporting each other. Let’s do this together; here are some tips when thinking about what you want to achieve in 2020 with us!

Attainable Goals

This means “let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” If strict pull ups are a struggle, the goal should not be a bar muscle up; if your back squat is currently 155 lbs  the goal should not be 350 lbs in six months. Your ILF coaches are here to help you set goals that you can safely reach. We watch you workout every day and want to see you succeed, not become disappointed from an unattainable goal. What better way to build confidence than by slaying a goal and creating a new one??

Measurable Goals

Do you want to be stronger? Become a better Olympic lifter? Be faster? Have abs? These things are unquantifiable, we want you to have goals that you can see. Instead of saying “I want to lift more weight” or “I want to run faster” say, “I want to add 10 lbs to my back squat” or “I want to shave 10 seconds off my 400m sprint” and when that moment it happens, it’s celebration time!! Then we set a new goal going forward from there. If you’re unsure of what you should aim for, ask an ILF coach! We are here to help guide you throughout your journey and celebrate your successes.

YOUR Goals

Lastly, these goals should be what YOU want as an athlete. It is easy to get caught up in what other people are doing, or what they want for you. Just because others in class wants abs or a 300 lb deadlift does not mean you need/want that. Remember, coming to class 3 times a week and maybe RX’ing your first WOD are amazing goals that are just as important as a heavy lift in our book!

The staff at Iron Legacy Fitness are here for you. Creating goals together is a great way to build a relationship with your coaches and it is something we would love to help you do. There is no better feeling as a coach than to watch your athletes improve and build confidence. Come chat with us and let’s get started!